Old Cars And pre 1993 Imports

If you own one of these beauties you must be very used to auto repair garages turning you away because the gas used by these cars prior to 1993 was R12.
This gas was outlawed then and banned due to environmental reasons.  Not many garages will touch these vehicles.

The only way to recharge these cars is by converting the system to take the new gas. This will often cost more than your car is worth.

Lets see what the difference is between the old system and the new one. Firstly R12 was a heavier gas with larger molecules so the hoses were more porous than the hoses used  with the new smaller molecule R134a. So not replacing the hoses may result in loss of  R134a refrigerant , though this will not always happen.

Secondly the service valves are different for R134a to stop the wrong type of refrigerant being used.

Thirdly, R12 is a mineral based gas which is lubricated by a mineral based oil. R134a is a synthetic gas lubricated by Synthetic oil in the compressor. If R134a is pumped into an R12 system, the mineral oil in the compressor will not mix with the synthetic R134a gas. This will destroy the compressor from a lack of lubrication.

Modern workshops will contaminate their air conditioning machinery if R12 was introduced into them.

Brighton autoair will save you the cost of converting to the R134a system provided all your aircon components are working and there is no leak in the system. We will cool your car down provided you accept that in saving a good part of 1000 and paying us only 70 there is a chance that your old hoses may let you down sometime in the future. For this reason we cannot give you a guarantee. worth the gamble? we think so!

Please see the 'Doing Business' page to see if the fuel surcharge  of 10.00 applies to you. 

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