Dangers Of Aircon DIY

We all love DIY, afterall we   can   fix   an   electric fuse   or the lawn mower      

Our advise to you is simple, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CAR's AC.

The Vehicle AC compressor produces up to 300 Psi pressure when running.{your car tyre has 20 Psi}

Should you open a valve or pipe this pressure will give you either severe frost bite, loss of fingers or eye.  

Some shops sell refill cans of refrigerant for the budding DIY'er. Lets look at some simple situations.

Your   Car is not running a cold AC. You buy a can of DIY Refrigerant and pump it through the AC valve.

Result: No Cold air

Reasons to give the Confused DIY'er: The reason your car did not give you cold air was the original refrigerant was contaminated. You have tried to add more out of a can. The new refrigerant is now also contaminated and the system is now over pressurised. The High pressure switch has shut off the entire system to protect the Compressor from damage.

Situation 2.

Your Car is not running a cold AC.

You run up to a DIY shop and get a Can of refrigerant. When trying to fill the system you find the can does not fit the valve in the Vehicle . You go back to the shop where the freckled faced assistant   sells you an adapter. Now the can fits your vehicle AC valve. You start the filling process and   BANG goes the refill can along with parts of your hand. If you are unlucky enough you might even have lost an eye.    

Reasons to give the poor DIY'er

Some   Vehicles only have one filling valve and not two. This one is situated on the High Pressure side of he Compressor. Instead of pulling the refrigerant in,   the compressor has pressurised it with a power of   300Psi. Bang went the Can   with   part of the DIYer too.   These Vehicle need to be liquid charged   using a totally different process   . You will not know that nor will the shop who never saw your car.    

Situation 3

An old timer welding Ac pipes on his old Jaguar dies a painful death.

Reason for tragedy

Old cars use a gas called R12. If R12 is exposed to a naked flame it turns to Phosgene , also known during the first World War as Mustard gas.


There is a reason you have labels on your vehicle telling to not to work on your Ac system.   .

Our Advise :Dont Do It.


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