Auto Airconditioning

We specialize in bringing your car air conditioning system to peak performance in the comfort of your home.

Your vehicle cooling system using the same principle to operate as your   kitchen   fridge. Just like your fridge if you switch it off for months on end the refrigerant gas goes flat, accumulates moisture   and the system fails. Most   motorists in the UK do just that and come the summer months we switch the aircon on and out comes luke warm air.

Franchise and other High street   garages will charge you around £80 for a regas   for your car. Equipment   used to work on   refrigerant is very expensive and it is against the law for a non certified person to   work on your vehicle's aircon. This is specialist work.   For this reason it is common to see   steep bills as not every work shop will accept this type of work.

Well, we will regas your car for £45.00 * and see to any other aircon work you need. To top that offer we   make free   home calls too. No more having to leave your car at a garage and running about in taxis.    

Our Procedure    

When we recharge your gas, we will pressure test your system using nitrogen gas to look for possible leaks. We then remove all moisture by creating a deep vacuum in the system. This vacuum {Minus 30Psi} will cause all moisture to boil at room temperature and be removed from the system. We   check compressor function as well as associated drive belts and joints before  introducing new compressor oil and   gas.  

Upon completion we run   your A/C system to your satisfaction.  

We use the most modern up to date equipment to work on your car using manufacturers recommended procedures and specifications.

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