Auto airconditioning miscellaneous information


Regas charge exceptions


                     Majority of vehicles inc Mpv/4x4                     350 to 800 Grams of Gas            60.00

                    Some MPV/Four wheel Drives-                        801 to 1000 Grams of Gas           70.00

                     Limousines and some 4x4/Mpv                        1001 to 1200 Grams of Gas         80.00

                     Large Vehicles {General Cat}                         1201 to 1500 Grams                   110.00, then 5 for every 100 grams more.
                     Leak detection Dye Check  { This is carried out if Nitrogen Pressure check fails}   35.00                                                     


Please note: We make a charge of 10.00 towards any vehicle that cannot be regased due to a fault in that vehicle. This would include leaks or non operative components. This small charge is to covers our fuel and time spent in commuting to you as well as Nitrogen used for pressure testing.  This charge has been introduced due to the increasing number of customers who are seeking a second opinion on their vehicle's problem.

Please bear in mind that you will get a diagnostics report included in this charge..


We need access to a power point at your property . We have an extension cable for this.



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